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Dewaxed Decolorized Shellac

We offer Dewaxed Decolorized Shellac is made by dissolving Seedlac in refrigerated alcohol and then removing the wax and impurities by filtration with a filter press. To remove the color as per requirement and recover the alcohol, activated carbon is used. Then the Dewaxed Decolorized Shellac is obtained by rolling the molten form on a roller.

Types Of Dewaxed Decolorized Shellac We Offer :
  • Dewaxed & Decolorised Platina Shellac
  • Dewaxed & Decolorised Super Blonde Shellac
  • Dewaxed & Decolorised Blonde Shellac
  • Dewaxed Garnet Shellac
  • Dewaxed Orange Shellac

Properties :
  • Good film forming properties
  • Highly glossy
  • Excellent adhesion substrates such as human hair
  • Non-toxic and physiologically harmless
  • Good solubility in ethanol and lower alcohols.
  • Compatible with materials used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food such as :
    • Resins
    • Raw materials
    • Additives

Physical Data for Dewaxed and Decolorised Shellac

Grade Garnet Orange Blonde Super Blonde Platina
Colour (max) Gardner in 20% Ethanol Dark 17 11 8 6

Common for all Grades Dewaxed Decolorised Shellac

Acid No (Dab9) - 65-80
Arsenic (Dab9) max.ppm 1.5
Ash (Dab9) max.% 0.2
Insolubility in hot alcohol (Dab9) max.% 0.1
Melting range (Dab9) 0C 65-80
Moisture (Dab9) max.% 2.0
Saponification No. (Dab9) - 190-230
Wax (USP XXIII) max.% 0.2

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