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Machine Made Shellac

Machine Made Shellac

We bring forth a variety of Machine Made Shellac in the international markets. We offer a variety of Machine Made Shellac. All the Machine Made Shellacs we offer are high on quality and lasts long. We are one of the trusted Machine Made Shellac Manufacturers and Exporters.

Varieties Available
  • PSF MM TN Shellac : This medium Yellow Shellac is very thin and it dissolves quickly.
  • PSF MM High Flow Lemon Shellac : This rich Yellow- Orange colored Shellac exhibits incredible finish and coating.
  • PSF MM Lemon 1 Shellac : This Yellow-Orange colored Shellac is best for general purpose and undercoat.
  • PSF MM Orange Shellac : The deep rich Orange colored Shellac is perfect to blend with new wood with aged golden oak patina.
  • PSF MM STD.1 Shellac : This light yellow Shellac is excellent for general use
  • PSF MM Yellow Fine Shellac : This light Yellow colored Shellac is perfect for providing yellow finishing in varnish work.
  • PSF MM Black Shellac : This deep Brown Shellac with a warm cast is excellent on mahogany, walnuts, and dark cherry tones.

Machine Made Shellac is produced in two different ways- one is the heat process where the same principle as in the case of hand made shellac is applied and the second is solvent process where pure shellac is extracted from Seedlac by suitable solvents. Under heat process the separation of pure lac is achieved by melting Seedlac by steam heat and squeezing the soft molten lac through filter my means of hydraulic presses. The molten lac is then stretched by means of rollers into long continuous sheet which is broken into pieces to form the machine made Shellac under heat process. This shellac has an impurity content varying from 0.5 to about 1%. There are various grades under heat process machine made shellac. The most popular being TN, Lemon and Orange . These grades are exported to practically all lac consuming countries.

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